Friday, 30 April 2010

Our new house!

We're moving at the end of May into a new build house so we went to see it at the weekend to check on progress!

This is going to be our garden

Me and Ben at our front door

Don't we look daft in our hats! (Me and my Mum)

The main attraction - this is going to be my new craft room! It is the size of a single garage so I can't wait!

My Dad measuring up - well done Dad!!!

How exciting!!!


  1. Awww, it looks brilliant! I bet ure getting excited now!? Looks like you've been busy making too lately, sorry for not being round much, Love the card you made for your secretary, you are a good boss ;-)
    Have a good long weekend
    Hugs, Sarah-Jane xxx

  2. Look at the size of your craft room-to-be ! V.envious! Hope it all goes smoothly for you x

  3. Looking good.. I bet you can't wait! Your new craftroom could eat ours whole - several times over!