Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Birthday Beer!

Happy Birthday to my fab Dad!

I used the great sketch this week over at Sketch Saturday and put this little card together for my Dad - he likes beer as you can tell!

We've had loads going on these last few weeks as we're moving this Friday, I left my job last Friday (am due to start my new one on 7 June) and we also have our wedding coming up which is just over 8 weeks away! OMG!!!

Thanks for stopping by

Niki x

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  1. Oh Wow! it's all happening now isn't it?? Good luck with the move and enjoy your week or so off too, espcially if the nce weather keeps up,
    Great card too. Are you going to convention do you know yet?? I hope so, it would be great to see you there,
    Bye for now, Hugs S.J. xxx